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Beverly Hills, CA | August 1, 2012

For the past seven years, Ms. Gayle has excelled as the founder of Cupie Loves Organics, LLC, a women’s wellness business that provides its clients with sex enhancement and organic products. Inspired by her own personal experiences, Ms. Gayle became determined to assist women with their sexual wellness needs. In an effort to reach this goal, she educates and assists each of her clients by sharing her knowledge on television shows.

Cupie Love Organics is based in Beverly Hills, Calif., and Ms. Gayle ensures that all of its business operations run smoothly. She is also in charge of negotiating with prospective clients in order to build her company. Her strong sense of determination has allowed to succeed thus far, and she aspires to gain even greater recognition for her products. Ms. Gayle’s ultimate goal is to see her business expand in the near future.

In addition to her work with Cupie Loves Organics, Ms. Gayle has begun to speak as a body liberator. Her presentations focus on being open about body image. She has also introduced a new product called Amida, an all-natural, organic oil.

To keep abreast of current trends and the latest information in her industry, Ms. Gayle belongs to The Goddess Collection, Savor the Success, LLC, the National Association of Professional Women, and

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